The Most Popular Roulette Variations

Roulette stands as an iconic casino game. Even if you’ve never played it, you’ll immediately recognise it and may even have a basic understanding of how it works. It’s widely represented in books, television shows, and films about gambling, too. Most notably in smash-hits like Casablanca, Diamonds are Forever, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Indecent Proposal, and Run Lola Run.

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest factors in Roulette’s popularity is how easy it is to learn. Not only that, but the returns can be incredible, with wager options that may see you walking away with a win at odds of 35:1.

And, once you know how the game works, you’ll be able to handle yourself in a range of the most popular variations of The Devil’s Game.

American Roulette

American Roulette is a version of this game that’s incredibly popular in the country of its origin. The major difference between this variant and the original game is that there are two green pockets, a 0 and a 00.

This changes the player’s advantage in the game and is the first choice for those of us who like a bit of a challenge.

European Roulette

This Roulette variation is possibly the most widely available, particularly in Europe. The wheel has only one 0 pocket and the numbers on it are arranged in a different order from the one you’ll find on an American Roulette wheel.

The house edge is only 2.7% when you play European Roulette at first-rate online casinos like Black Lotus, which is another great incentive to play it.

French Roulette

French Roulette is different from the European variation and its American cousin in several ways. The betting board is laid out differently and there is, once again, only a single 0 pocket. The other major distinction, however, is the La Partage rule. This states that, if you’ve placed an even-money bet, you’ll get half of it returned if the next spin of the wheel sees the ball land in the 0 pocket.

Certain variants also have the En Prison rule in effect, which allows you to put your wager in prison if a 0-pocket landing for the ball occurs. The bet stays on the board for the next spin, in this case, and you’ll get your money back if the result of this one is in your favour.

Mini Roulette

One of the more recently invented variations of The King of Casino Games, Mini Roulette is wildly popular online. Think of it as a scaled-down version of Roulette, with fewer numbers and less wagering options. The basic principles are the same, however.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Another variant popular with online casino game players, the rules and bet options in multi-Wheel Roulette are similar to the standard version of The Devil’s Game. But you can bet on the outcome of multiple wheels spinning simultaneously.

You can usually choose to have between 2 and 8 wheels active at any given time.

Many Ways to Play The Devil’s Game This beloved game offers its fans many ways to enjoy it and you can usually find free, Demo Versions, o Roulette available at online casinos. These allow you to practice your games at no risk to your own pocket.

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