Antique Roulette Wheel

An antique roulette wheel has many unique features. In the past, it was hand-assembled by craftsmen to look like the best of the best. In addition to a roulette wheel’s roulette numbers, some wheels were designed to be used in a variety of games. Benteler, for example, built his wheel with large pockets and frets. These characteristics make it ideal for use in a casino setting. Today, many people use their antique roulette wheel for other purposes.

The mechanism used to spin the antique wheel is of exceptional quality. Its woods are ebony, rosewood, and satin wood. The wheel’s surrounding frame is carved from giltwood. It features red and black slots numbered from one to 36 with a 0 in the center. It was made in the United States by J. W. Sneed in Long Beach, California. A vintage roulette wheel may have been made of plastic, but today you can find genuine antique roulette wheels made of wood, metal, and ebony.

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