Superstitions for casino players to adopt (or mock)

Most of us are at least a little bit more superstitious than we would like to admit, although there are degrees that govern this. Some people don’t like to talk about a job after interviewing for it for fear of jinxing things. Others need to give up shaving for as long as their team is on a winning streak, which can result in photos of Super Bowl parties where multiple people are wearing big, luxurious beards. These are two very differing types of superstition, and obviously only one of them will ever be obvious to people on the outside.

From a statistical point of view, superstitions are without value. We need to be clear that there is really nothing to be gained by kissing the dice before you roll them in a game of Craps. In fact, since early 2020, the only thing that might earn you is ejection from the casino for breaching Covid protocols. But there are certain superstitions that are at least harmless and which you may find soothing when playing at a new casino you found on If nothing else, they may at least allow you to relax while playing and you’ll make smarter decisions, which is a benefit all of its own.

Wearing red

This superstition comes from China but has been adopted by many people beyond those borders when playing at casinos. In China, the color red has been seen for centuries as being auspicious or lucky. When people go to casinos, they will wear something red. The messaging on this is unclear, but apparently red underwear is seen as particularly lucky – maybe because it’s unseen, and there is some element of surprise. Red in general is seen as being a lucky color – which probably means you won’t be betting on black at the roulette table.

Swearing at the roulette ball

It’s unclear where this comes from, but many people believe that yelling curses at the ball as the roulette wheel spins brings better results. We don’t know if there is a particular word that works better, or whether extra luck is bestowed for a particularly original compound swearword. It’s not something we’d advise doing in a brick-and-mortar casino as it’s an excellent way to be ejected from the premises. Playing at home in an online casino, that’s not a problem. Just… close the door and make sure that there are no visitors in the house before you do this.

Don’t count your money while still playing

This one is particularly prominent thanks to the lyrics from Kenny Rogers’ excellent The Gambler, which feature the line “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table/There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealin’s done”. We’d actually advise against this one at least for online gamers. Your total is displayed in the top corner of the screen, so it’s not like counting it is some ostentatious display that will anger a higher power. And in fact, we’re not sure we’d take the gambler’s advice at all here, because he died alone on a train after having to borrow a cigarette, so it doesn’t sound like his advice is worth much.

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