Do Roulette strategies actually work?

Casino gaming doesn’t have the most positive reputation with everyone due to the fact that when you’re betting on casino games, you can’t ever really be in control. The comparison with sports betting, where people can have a general idea of the likely outcome of a game, is often mooted as a reason why sports betting is both more respected and more sensible. However, in any form of betting, the odds are tilted against you, and as regulars at will tell you, the unpredictability is often where a lot of the fun lies.

That being said, naturally you will enjoy casino gaming more if you win more often. Unless your intention is to give money away – and even then, there are more deserving causes than an online casino – of course you’ll prefer winning to losing. This is why people seek out strategy tips for playing games like roulette in online casinos. But with that being said, it’s reasonable to question whether these strategies are actually effective. After all, the idea of tilting a game as random as roulette back in your favour may sound too good to be true. So let’s look into whether that is indeed the case.

How do roulette strategies work?

You can’t realistically predict which number, or even which colour, the ball will land on in a game of roulette. Each time that wheel spins, each number on it has an equal chance. Strategies for playing roulette are based on an acceptance that you can’t really predict this, and that on any given spin, you’re in with at best a 50/50 chance. This is why all roulette strategies are based on a series of spins – they give the best possible chance that on at least one of the spins, you’re going to get lucky. No strategy promises you will win, they simply harness the probability that you will win eventually.

What does a successful strategy look like?

The most popular, and probably most reliable roulette strategy, is the Martingale system. It is based on picking a colour, sticking to it, and doubling your bet when you lose. So if you place £10 on your first bet, and win, you win £10. If you lose, you bet £20 on the next spin. If you win, you get £20 back, which puts you £10 ahead taking into account the £10 you lost on the previous spin. If you lose, you then put down £40 because you have so far lost £30 and are trying to win that back and make a £10 profit. Every time you lose and double your bet, the aim is to win that £10 and wipe out your losses. Because the roulette wheel should land on your colour before too long, you will hopefully have enough wins to make it worthwhile.

So does Roulette strategy work?

Here’s the thing: it’s a strategy, not a cheat or a hack. There is no guarantee you’ll get the outcome you want. If you’re thinking of £10 as a base bet, then four consecutive unlucky spins will see you £150 down, needing to bet £160 on the next spin just to get to a point where you’re £10 ahead. Given unlimited time, you will win, but the trick is not to exhaust your bankroll before you get to that win. You may well need to walk away before that win comes, and you should consider the size of your bankroll before adopting a strategy. If you want a strategy that guarantees victory, it doesn’t exist; that’s why this is gambling. There is always the risk, no matter which strategy you employ, that you’ll still lose.

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